Presenting a design well is often just as important as the design itself.  That is why 3D graphics have become a valuable tool in many industries. Renderings are essential in creating professional impressions and in making sales to potential clients.  Triple D Rendering creates both exterior and interior renderings.  Attention to detail is put into all of our projects.  We are constantly motivated to find new ways to add realism and aesthetic value to the visualizations we make.  Unlike many companies located overseas, we are located in Arizona.  This ensures that there is no need to worry about unclear communication and that your renderings will be made accurately and to your expectations.  Our rendering projects have been located throughout Arizona and in several other parts of the country.  Whether your company needs a rendering of a small residential project or a larger commercial one, we will make it look its best.


Triple D Rendering is committed to producing high quality 3D renderings for your architectural projects.  Our goal is to create accurate, affordable, realistic, and aesthetically pleasing visualizations that will impress clients and sell your designs.


  • Exterior Renderings
  • Interior Renderings
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Residential, Commercial, Landscaping, and Everything Else

We specialize in architectural renderings, but we can use 3D graphics for many different applications.  If you have a project of any type that needs visualization work, please contact us and ask what we can do.


To Start your project, we will need your floor plans and elevations as well as specified materials and colors to be used.  The project will proceed as follows;

  • We start by building 3D models for your project that are accurately based on the dimensions of your plans.
  • For the materials you specify, realistic textures will be added to the surfaces of the 3D models.
  • For exterior renderings, background images as well as images for windows reflections will be added.  These can be photos of the site.
  • Realistic lighting will be setup to add realism and aesthetics to the rendering.
  • Landscaping, people, furniture, vehicles, and other props are added to the scene.
  • A draft is shown to you and revisions are made as necessary. Drafts may also be shown to you at multiple stages of the project.


Delivery of final rendering depends on:

  • The complexity of your project
  • The number of projects ahead of yours
  • How fast we get all the necessary information to complete the project

For most projects, a final draft should be delivered within 7 business days.  If you have a tight time frame, please contact us for a quote.



Rather than have fixed prices like other companies advertise, every project is quoted individually. This allows for both fair pricing and for there to be no compromise to the quality of the finished product.  To give an idea of what renderings cost, front perspectives of residential projects typically range from $450 to $750. Rough estimates can be made if there is not enough information available.  Clients are encouraged to have complete plans available, to enable us to give you a better quote. If multiple views need to be made, they can be included in the quote at a substantial discount.


It is always ideal when a project goes quickly and smoothly, but all to often last minute changes are inevitable.  Minor revisions and tweaks will be accommodated in most circumstances.  When revisions consume too much time either by how complicated they are or how numerous they are, we will let you know that the requested services justify an additional fee.